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Wild Talk
Becoming an adult phone operator was not part of my life plan.
I had it all figured out. Graduate college, move to Chicago and start living the dream.
Except one week after I arrived, I got laid off from my not so perfect real estate job.
I was given an opportunity, and I grabbed it by the horns and ran with it.
Don't get me wrong, I love my job.
But sometimes it's better to keep it a secret. Especially from a man like Mason King.
You know the kind of man that looks like he has it all together? The kind that dresses well, smells amazing, and oozes sex appeal? Yeah, that's him all right.
Devilishly perfect in every single way. 
He thinks he can bulldoze his way into my life and have me, in every sense of the word. 
But I'm not going to make it that easy for him. Well, at least that was my plan. 
Too bad my heart didn't get the memo.
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Wild Shock - Coming Fall 2018
The first time I met Doctor Carter was in the emergency room at Chicago Memorial after a night of “me” time went south.
The second time we met ended with me straddling him in the front seat of his car after he saved me from a terrible blind date.
When he offers to help me get my mojo back, there is only one clear answer. Yes. 

His rules? 
No dates, no sleepovers, and no emotions. 
Just fun.

Interesting thing though. I've never been good at following rules. 
Turns out, neither is he.